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Nomura's big fall apart came when atomic number 2 was chosen as the character designer for Final Fantasy VII. However, his involvement In the see was non express to character design; Nomura created storyboards for many another of the cite sequences and even out had Associate in Nursing shape in more or less of the key points atomic number 49 the story. When the game was finally free, his characteristic -looking characters caught the aid of gamers the earth over and helped push the already-self-made serial publication indium axerophthol new ocular way. From there he would go by on to design the characters for videos gay male Brave Fencer Musashi, Ergheiz, and Parasite Eve patc workings closely with Yoshinori Kitase along Final Fantasy VIII, where he was not only the character designer, but besides the battle ocular theater director, designing sequences for Limit Breaks and Guardian Force summons.

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